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Don Kemp: A call to new and about-to-be new parents

June 07, 2017

This week, Don Kemp and the rest of the team at Community Risk Advisors want to speak with two of the most stressed-out groups in today’s world: new and about-to-be new parents. We know all too well the pressure and stress that comes with bringing home a new baby, both before the birth and the months and years after. Soon-to-be parents must worry about setting up the home for a new baby, making decisions on hospitals, insurance and other medical issues and even worrying about the choice between cloth or disposable diapers. New parents must contend with expense, lack of sleep, time off from work and all the other upheavals that come with a new member of the family. We get it; both new and about-to-be new parents have a lot to deal with, so your financial plan may be the furthest thing from your mind. Even though it’s a stressful time, financial planning is of paramount importance, and Don Kemp and the team at Community Risk Advisors are here to not just help, but make the process as stress-free as possible.

Major planning tools for the present and future

There are a few major things new and about-to-be new parents must do in setting up their finances and financial future, and Don Kemp and Community Risk Advisors are here to help.

  • Make a will: Planning for what happens with your child or children after you go is extremely important. A comprehensive will for both parents can make sure that your little ones are taken care of, and isn’t that what every parent really wants?
  • Create a savings plan: Though it might seem impossible with a new baby to consider, creating a savings plan can be a major help down the road. This includes saving for expenses, vacations and, most importantly, college.
  • Purchase insurance: Every family, new or old, will need insurance. Life, medical, vehicle, homeowner, renter; every family will have different needs for specific types of insurance, and making sure you and your new addition are covered is one of the best ways to plan for the future, good or bad.
  • Design a budget: With a new baby around or on the way, money seems to fly out the door faster than ever before. Carefully designing a budget with your current income in mind can take a lot of pressure off a new family, and it’s a great way to see just what you’re working with and how far it will go.

All these things and more are financial aspects and decisions you’ll need to make going forward, and with all the stress of a new baby it can be easy to let these fall to the wayside. Don’t. Let Don Kemp and the team at Community Risk Advisors sit down with you and your family, look at what you have and where you want to be down the road.

Get started today!

Don Kemp and the team at Community Risk Advisors are waiting to hear from you, new and about-to-be parents. We will work closely with you to create a plan that will take at least a few worries off your plate, though you’ll still need to make that decision between cloth or disposable diapers (hint from a parent: go disposable). Contact Don today at 678-473-6735 or by email at You and your new addition will be glad you did.