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Questions to Ask Your Accredited Wealth Management Advisor

June 19, 2017

Either you’ve come to the decision that you are in need of an accredited wealth management advisor (AMWA), or you don’t yet know what that might be or why you need one to secure your family’s future. Either way, this week, Don Kemp and the team at Community Risk Advisors want to guide you through what kinds of questions you’ll need to ask in choosing an accredited wealth management advisor, and hopefully, get the answers you need (whether you know it or not).

Big questions about your money

Trusting someone with your money and assets is a big leap; a certain amount of trust is required. Here are a few questions you’ll want to ask any potential accredited wealth management advisor, and the answers are nearly as important as the decision itself.

  • Is this person accredited? The AMWA accreditation is a big deal in the financial planning and risk world, so you’ll want to make sure the professional you choose is actually accredited.
  • How long have they been in business? Experience counts when it comes to trusting an accredited wealth management advisor with your money, so you’ll want to know just how long this person has been in the business.
  • Is there a proven track record? Any accredited wealth management advisor should be able to provide proof and documentation of how they’ve helped previous clients.
  • Do you connect on a personal level? If someone is going to be handling your savings, retirement, insurance or any other part of your financial roadmap, you will want to be comfortable with that person. Experience, accreditation and results don’t matter much if you don’t connect on a personal level, so make sure whoever you choose is a good fit with not just your finances, but your personality as well.

Of course you will have more questions for any AMWA tailored to your specific needs, but these four should be the first you ask before you dive into any in-depth discussions. Start here and you are almost sure to have the right AMWA for you.

Don Kemp and you: Building your future

Don Kemp and the team at Community Risk Advisors want to be the accredited wealth management advisor s that help guide you and your family into the future.  Contact Community Risk Advisors today by phone at 678-473-6735 or by email at to get to know us. We know that we can be a great fit for all your financial planning and financial risk needs.