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Risky business: Understanding and planning for financial risk

May 10, 2017

If there is one thing that unites literally every single company or business in the world, it is finances. Seems like a no-brainer, right? Think about it; if there is one thing every business is designed to do, it is make money. With this unifying principle in mind, it is safe to say that finances should be top of mind for every working person on Earth, from CEOs to those who run the mail room. But making money is only half the equation; the other half comes from not only how to allocate those finances to build the business, but also how to protect them from all the risk that comes with business as usual. No matter what your business might be, isn’t it time to consider fully your potential financial risks and rewards? That’s where Don Kemp and Community Risk Advisers come in, and they are ready to help you protect and grow what you’ve made and what you will build in the future.

What is financial risk?

Financial risk, broken down to its simplest terms, is the possibility of a company’s investments outstripping income, thus leaving stakeholders and employees in a bind, unable to meet financial obligations. There are many different kinds of financial risk when it comes to businesses, but among the top ones are: 

  • Credit risk: When borrowed money is unable to be paid back and is defaulted on
  • Liquidity risk: When assets cannot be purchased or sold fast enough to cover financial obligations
  • Asset backed risk: When securities become volatile through changes in value
  • Equity risk: When stock values change and thus endanger company value

Different businesses will face different kinds of financial risks, depending on whether it is a private or publicly traded company, a company’s size or even the market the company is a part of. When it comes to your business and its finances, you will need to look at all aspects and make decisions based on income, market position and even employee salaries.

Community Risk Advisors can help

Let’s face it: finances and financial risk can be extremely confusing and ever-changing topics. Whether you built your business with your own two hands or you are an employee with an established company, you most likely need some assistance on understanding your risk and moving forward with a competent plan to not only minimize that risk, but also make sure your company can continue to prosper and grow in the face of said risk. Don Kemp and the people at Community Risk Advisors can help. They can guide you through the troubling waters of financial risk and reward in an easy to understand way, helping you make a plan to see your business through even the toughest of times. Contact Community Risk Advisors today at 678-473-6735 or by email at