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The facts on selecting home insurance in Duluth, GA

June 13, 2017

If you live in Duluth, GA, or anywhere, really, it’s time to talk about home insurance. Your home is more than likely your most treasured and valuable asset, and seeing it damaged or lost completely would be devastating to you and your family. This week, Don Kemp and the team at Community Risk Advisors want to chat about why home insurance is critical, and what home insurance in Duluth, GA can and should look like. 

Home insurance in Duluth, GA: The facts

The term “home insurance” can mean a lot of things, but at its simplest it provides the money to make you “whole” again if, god forbid, something happens to your home or your property. Also called homeowners insurance, it serves the dual function of protecting you against liability of injury or damage against others in your home. Home insurance is also required by most lenders when you take out a mortgage to purchase a home, so thinking about what you need and how much you’ll pay can often come into the mix before a house is even yours. Here are a few facts about home insurance in Duluth, GA that you may not be aware of.

  • Not all policies are the same: It’s easy to think about all home insurance under a single banner, but there are lots of variables at play. An HO-3 policy covers your home and your possessions against a specific set of disasters, but an HO-5 typically covers more and is usually more expensive. Knowing exactly what policy you need for your specific needs is of immense importance.
  • Not everything is covered: Knowing exactly what your policy protects you against is equally important. Did you know flooding isn’t covered under a lot of home insurance policies and flood insurance must be purchased separately? Or that earthquakes typically aren’t covered under most basic plans? If Mother Nature comes calling, you’ll need to know just what you are protected against.
  • Your credit makes a difference: What you pay for home insurance in Duluth, GA is affected greatly by your credit score. If your credit is down in the dumps, expect to pay much more than a homeowner with a stellar credit score.
  • Your dog, your problem: Ownership of a dog can also drive up the cost of home insurance in Duluth, GA, with some breeds considered “dangerous” not being covered at all. If a Rottweiler or Siberian Husky, among others, shares your home, you may be in the market for an entirely separate insurance policy.

There are dozens more little ins and outs to educating yourself and choosing the right home insurance in Duluth, GA, but if you are reading this blog, you are absolutely in the right place to start making smart decisions.

Don Kemp, Community Risk Advisors and you

The team at Community Risk Advisors are knowledgeable on home insurance in Duluth, GA, as well as nearly every other aspect of planning for your financial future. Don Kemp and his team will take the time to plan and map out exactly what you and your family need today, and just what will help make sure you are taken care of for many years to come. Contact Community Risk Advisors today by phone at 678-473-6735 or by email at to get started with the essential part of building a future.