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Insurance Plans in Duluth GA

As a financial planner and Accredited Wealth Management Advisor (AWMA®) designee, I work as the overall financial advisor with my clients, stepping into their shoes and delivering holistic financial solutions in conjunction with a highly credentialed and experienced team of advisors. Products and services offered are through Cetera Advisor Networks LLC, as well as some of the largest investment and insurance companies in the world.

Insurance provides the mechanism to protect against both the unexpected and the eventual. I work with insurance brokerage firms who specialize in each of these types of coverage. My role is to coordinate these policies and coverages to make sure my clients do not have gaps or overlaps in coverage, as well as any potential for unprotected catastrophic loss.

Personal Home & Auto Insurance

These are more commonly known as home and auto insurance. This can provide liability coverage, as well as coverage for special use vehicles like boats, jet skis, motorcycles and RVs. Our minimum coverage is more than required by the state so that you are protected in the event of a loss.

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Commercial Property & Casualty

These policies include business owner policies, general liability, inland marine, workers’ compensation and a host of other specialty policies. Liability is the most important to protect all other business and personal assets.

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Life Insurance

To properly purchase a life insurance plan, three pieces of information are required: How long? How much benefit? How much can you spend?

How long? – Is this life insurance for a temporary need? Perhaps the birth of a child causes the parent to rethink life insurance until college graduation. SBA (Small Business Association) loans require coverage for the duration of the agreement. Is this a permanent need to cover a loved one 50 or 60 years into the future?

How much benefit? – There are two ways to calculate the death benefit.

  • One is to look at the economic value of the insured. Given age, income and net worth, insurance companies will insure only to the economic value of the insured.
  • The second method is to calculate benefit based on the need. Your answer will only be as sound and complete as your input.

How much can you spend? – All the desire for more coverage matters little if there is no money with which to purchase it. Insurance is a long-term commitment. I’d rather see a comfortable amount that fits within a budget than a stretch that is not sustainable.

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Disability Income Insurance

A large percentage of Americans cannot last a month in their current lifestyle if the key income earner is suddenly incapacitated and unable to work. Disability income insurance replaces income lost due to accident or illness.

Cost is based on age, health, occupation, elimination period, benefit period and benefit amount. There are policies that cover business overhead expenses, buy-sell provisions, student loans and retirement plan contributions.

In addition to life and disability Insurance for individuals, these policies can be structured to accommodate buy-sell agreements, business exit planning and group or executive benefits.

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